Sunglow Updates

Upholding Running along the Huangpu River; Embracing Sunglow!


On the morning of November 6th, “Upholding running along the Huangpu River” was held in Sunglow Center Square beside the Huangpu River. Both leaders of all levels and about 300 representative employees of the Group took part in this event in orange T-shirt, which added a tinge of bright color to the Huangpu River bank.

The long-distance race route was Xuhui District along the Huangpu River 3Km in total, core section of the 20th Shanghai Marathon on November 8th. All runners, led by professional coach, did some warm-up exercises in advance. Along with a shot, leaders of the Group as the lead runner led all employee runners to run forward along the Huangpu River with great strength and vigor. Runners in fire orange seemed to blend in Shanghai Bay which was the cultural corridor along the Huangpu River, redefined the color of Xuhui District along the Huangpu River , and endowed the word “Orange” with a new interpretation and meaning--- One Riverside Art Noble Global Elite.

Although halfway it drizzled, employees’ enthusiasm was not be damped down, and in the end all of them pushed through the finish line.

The “Upholding running” event, which opened a perfect countdown for the start of the 20th Shanghai Marathon, aimed at participation by all people, proposed positive lifestyle, enjoyed the joys of sports exercises and guided positive and optimistic cultural concepts.