Sunglow Updates

Execute Industry Plan; Promote Overall Development

The Group Holds the Themed Meeting of Retirement Industry Development Plan


On the afternoon of March 4, the themed meeting of retirement industry development plan was held at the headquarters of Sunglow Group. President Chen Jianjun and relevant staff from Strategy Planning Headquarters, Investment Development Department, Administrative Headquarters, HR Headquarters, Financial Department, Medical Endowment Division, etc attended the meeting. And the meeting was presided by President Chen Jianjun.

On the meeting, the director of Medical Care & Retirement Department analyzed the market research, internal foundation, business mode, three-year plan and actual execution measures, brought forward the “three-step” development plan for the further development of retirement industry, and further illustrated on the retirement positioning modes and diversified development tracks. Then, the directors from each department discuss on the new plan and voiced their suggestions from the perspective of past experience. The meeting had also set the future working direction and plans, and confirmed the work cooperation system and time schedule.

At last, President Chen Jianjun made clear requirement and important instructions on further executing and promoting the Sunglow Retirement Industry. He pointed out that we shall do actual deeds and to provide practical service for the elderly with the consciousness of public welfare, build the service conception and upgrade the customer cohesion, further execute the government policy and perfect the business mode timely, and organize the Group resources on a full scale and create top-class brand for Sunglow Retirement.