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The Sunglow Warmth-A Farewell & Acknowledgment Letter from an Ordinary Security Guard of Site Property Management



Around the turning of spring festival, a Farewell & Acknowledgment Letter from an ordinary security guard of Site Property Management arrived at the Administrative Headquarters of Sunglow Group, along with some small items such as chips and cotton candy. The letter expressed sincere gratitude to Sunglow staff with a relatively young tone, and used “Step-by-step improvement, Prospering career” to illustrate his gratefulness for Sunglow staff’s love and caring.

He’s just an ordinary security guard, and many of his colleagues don’t even know his name. However, everyone knows there’s a sunny, responsible boy standing by the front desk, and we call him “Little Duan”. Duan told our reporter that although he had only been working here for merely two months, all the greetings at work, caring during lunch hour, reminding after work and solicitude during festivals had been so meaningful to him. When he decided to go back home for starting up his own business, he lost it. He would never forget all the love and caring from leaders and colleagues of Sunglow. After working here for a while, he had felt like he had become a family member of Sunglow. At the final farewell, he reminded us repeatedly to take good care of our own belongings, like family.

Colleagues of Sunglow gave Duan a little farewell present and a book named Feel Your Way through the River, as is to wish him, young pal that had been working at Sunglow for a while, all the blessing and caring from Sunglow. May him the courage to start a new journey of his life. The simple “I will make it.” in the letter had fully illustrated his endeavoring spirit. (By Zhang Xinyue, Sunglow Fashion).