Sunglow Culture

Celebration of Lantern Festival and Women’s day


March 5 was the first Lantern Festival of the headquarters of Sunglow. The Public Relationship Department of the Group had fully decorated the company. Red lanterns were swaying high and selected lantern riddles were dancing to the wind.

During lunch, the Administrative Headquarters prepared delicious rice-dumplings. Bowls of hot dumplings were delivered to each employee. The noontime nap time was very busy. Employees were engaged with all the riddles while enjoying tasty dumplings. We could hear “Ah! I got it!” and laughter from time to time. All the riddles were solved gradually, and the employees exchanged all the points they got from the riddles for presents, and, of course, the sense of accomplishment. 

Rows of rice-dumplings to be cooked


Employee going for the lantern riddles

Although the lantern festival activity only costs little money, employees had fully enjoyed the charm of traditional culture of eating rice-dumpling, lantern appreciation, lantern-riddle solving, etc.


On March 6, in order to celebrate the annual international Women’s Day, the Group had delivered blessings to women colleagues of Sunglow. Besides tangible benefits for women colleagues on Women’s Day, the Group also prepared fresh roses and greeting cards for male colleagues to give to women colleagues. 

Bright roses to be gifted to each female employee

Here in Sunglow Group, during festivals, the employees will feel like home and blend with the cozy and harmonious Sunglow culture.