Word from the President


Twenty Years of Experience and Brilliance

The name of Shanghai Sunglow Investment Group was derived from the excerpt from Biography of Yuxia of the Standard Interpretation of Shangshu which says, “The Sun and the Moon glow along with the forever time flow”. Twenty years of hardship and experience has witnessed Sunglow’s development from foundation to its current success. Sunglow has gone through harsh troubles during early years and massive growth in asset, and has now reached its climax and become a national leading enterprise in the shipbuilding business. Being one of the top three enterprises in said field, it has stabilized the foundation stone for self development. For the past twenty years, Sunglow has been striding forward towards the bright future with firm steps.

It might take 20 years to make a forest, yet hundred years to make a man. Over the past years, Sunglow has achieved great success, and credits for that success shall be given to every Sunglow employee, every truthful friend, and the contribution from every Sunglow fan. You are the real fortune of Sunglow, be it in the past, now or in the future. For the past 20 years, we’ve been fighting together, sharing tears and honors; and we’ve been through all the hardship together. Sunglow employees are always proud, and we’ll never give in or give up when on the read of pursuing self-development.
Along with thirty years of intensified reformation and the development of private businesses, Sunglow Group has developed from a China-based innovative enterprise in the past that provides endless management vitality and systematic drives for notable businesses in the filed such as Sunglow Real Estate and Ship & Marine Industry into the integrated Sunglow Group we see today. Sunglow Group has successfully transferred into a new development path with innovative management system and has been endeavoring in fields such as marine industry, culture, real estate, retirement, agriculture, finance and internationalization. With great ambitions, Sunglow Investment Group has been seeking for worldwide success, and its investments could be easily spotted throughout China, for example, Shanghai-Pearl of the Orient, Jinling-ancient capital for six dynasties, Dalian-city of romance, and Rugao-coastal city by the East China Sea. Wherever the sun glows there’d be Sunglow businesses; and wherever Sunglow settles, there’d be home for Sunglow members. Sunglow Group today is facing a new start and striving for a brand-new development path. We’ve been through hardships and sunshine, dreams and reality, and all these are for the mutual benefits of our Sunglow Group.   

“A good man introspects on himself three times a day.” Twenty years has passed. And now it is not the end, but the beginning. Sunglow knows it’s not time for merely celebration, but the time for recording all the success and failure for future recollection, introspection, and inspiration.

Sunglow has obtained twenty years of experience and brilliance. We believe there’d be sunlight after every rainstorm, and now is the time for real reformation. With powerful zest, passion and loyalty, Sunglow employees are now ceaselessly striving for an innovative, united, industrious, pragmatic investment company. I believe, in the future, Sunglow Investment Group will become the topnotch of this industry. And, the Sunglow brand that had integrated efforts all pioneering fathers will sure obtain ultimate glamour. Sunglow aims to become an ever-lasting business.