Talent Conception

Talent Conception of Sunglow Investment Group

The competition between enterprises is essentially the competition between human resources. Therefore, we always regard human resources as the most important resource of Sunglow, and the investment in HR the most crucial investment.

Sunglow employees obtain the same character-faithfulness for the enterprise, positive working ethics, professional working skills, industrious working attitude and cooperative teamwork spirit.

Sunglow is a sunny platform, fair, just, open, equal and earnest. If you believe in us with strong working will and ability, join us at any time. We will make it up to your trust and support, and give you a broad platform for self-realization.

Sunglow insists on providing Sunglow employees with powerful justified corporate culture, competitive salary, benefits and training opportunities, and happy, harmonious working environment. 

Sunglow prospers because of Sunglow employees, and Sunglow employees take pride in Sunglow.

 During the age of booming development, we are in dire need of varied elites! And we believe you are the ONE! Looking forward to your arrival!

Value Concept of the Employees of Sunglow Investment Group


1.1 Recognition:  Recognize the business mode, regulations and policy and corporate culture of Sunglow Group. Positively protect the integrity of Sunglow Group and own department, evaluate and advertise Sunglow Group positively in private or in public and never spread negative information.

1.2 Gratefulness: Be grateful to customers, supervisors and colleagues. Be thankful to their help, and cherish the honor of own department and Group more than individual gains and loss.

1.3 Faithfulness: When Sunglow Group or supervisor was in difficult time, provide trust and support.

1.4 Respect: Respect your supervisor and colleagues, and not complain or badmouth your supervisor or colleagues behind their back.


2.1 Honesty: Be honest, and report your work positively and thoroughly. Put emphasis on actual facts and make every word count. Dare to admit self shortcomings, not disguise, not argue and look for solution positively.

2.2 Sincerity: Be frank and be true to yourself. For disagreements and colleague shortcomings during work, communicate and exchange opinions and suggestion with colleagues sincerely. During meetings, make your opinions known. And for meeting decisions, execute them positively and do not voice negative comments after the meeting.

2.3 Trustworthiness: Follow and not violate the regulations of the Group and Department. As for your promises to Sunglow Group, customers, supervisor and colleagues, do keep them. When emergency occurs and you can’t keep them, do communicate positively, and make up for it at your best, so as to get the partner’s understanding.


3.1 Spirit of Ownership: Obtain the spirit of ownership and strong sense of responsibility. For tough problems of Sunglow Group, do your best, use your wisdom and assist the Group finish tasks.

3.2 Sense of Responsibility: When mistakes and accidents happen during work, take responsibility for it and not prevaricate.

3.3 Execution: Follow orders and do not complaint. Do your best to complete the tasks. Be effective and timely during work and guarantee the quality.

3.4 Ability: Upgrade the professional skills and problem-solving ability through constant study, optimize the working method and guarantee your professional skills are suitable for Group development. And, guide and help your colleagues.


4.1 Clarify the requirements: Work after thoroughly understanding the requirements from supervisor or customers. Be clear with the idea that goals determine methods. Work with a goal and without unnecessary trivial. 

4.2 Modest service: Trust the upstream and downstream work as internal clients. Earnestly provide service for others with a good attitude. Be modest during work and study and pursue satisfactory result in all aspects about work.

4.3 Teamwork spirit: Establish the idea of honoring teamwork efficiency more then personal efficiency, and avoid individualism. In time of difficulties during work, think positively, look for help from supervisor or colleagues or ask for assistance from other modestly.  

4.4 Acceptance of supervision: When faced with criticism, listen carefully and accept opinions and suggestions from others modestly, improve positively and do not be stubborn. Set detailed work criterion for yourself, and accept scheduled or unscheduled work extermination form colleagues.