Sunglow Updates

Group Hosts Themed Meeting of Cultural Artistic Program


On the afternoon of March 18, the themed meeting of cultural artistic program was held at the headquarters of Sunglow Group. President Chen Jianjun and relevant staff from Strategy Planning Headquarters, Administrative Headquarters, HR Headquarters, Cultural Industries Division, Law Affair Department of the Group, etc attended the meeting. And the meeting was presided by President Chen Jianjun.

On the meeting, Tang Aimin, principal of the Art School of Cultural Industries Division, expressed her gratitude for the Administration Department and HR Headquarters’s support during the preparation work; and then, based on statistics of social research and present resources, she offered a general strategic plan description about the development direction of the culture industry. She said, in the future, the culture industry of the Group would cover performance creation, art education, research promotion, international culture communication, etc, and would aim to create brand-new high-quality entertainment lifestyle. During the meeting, participants from different departments discussed on the plan and exchanged opinions and suggestions.

President Chen Jianjun pointed out during his speech that we shall combine the plan with actual measures, proceed gradually and build a mature development pattern, so as to usher in a new age for Sunglow Culture Industry and to lay the foundation for further development. He alleged, we shall keep true to the idea of cultural industry development, create characteristic cultural business based on current foundation and organization of exterior resources, and build Sunglow artistic brands promptly.